Milad decided to establish global entatl with the help of cousin (elton) farokh Ahi in 2016
he promoted his first concert as global entatl on march 26th 2016 global entatl promoted its first concert with one of Iran’s biggest artist reza sadeghi and had an extremetly successful show on may 7th 2016
global entatl promoted and or iran’s biggest hiphop artist sasy mankan
and had a soldout show
after many years of people wanting to see persions music biggest and most talented artist shadmehr aghili global entatl signed a contract with shadmehr aghili for a concert in atlanta.
the concert date was december 17th 2016
the show soldout with in one month of the date of the show
this concert was the most successful concert in atlanta history
after many successful shows global entatl brought one of iran’s first hiphop artist benyamin bahadori on may 13th 2017 to have a successful show.